Li Jianwen, Deputy Mayor of Nanning



Deputy Mayor of Nanning

Li Jianwen

Main responsibilities:

Responsible for construction, planning, urban management, housing security  and management, forestry and gardening, civil air defense, subway construction,  planning and construction of Nanning Education Park, etc.

In charge of Urban and Rural Construction Committee, Planning Bureau, Urban  Management Bureau, Housing Bureau, Forestry and Gardening Bureau, Civil Air  Defense Office, Key Project Office, Sponge City Office, Provident Fund  Management Center, Urban Management Supervision and Evaluation Center, Qingxiu  Mountain Scenic Zone Management Committee, Daming Mountain Scenic Zone  Management Committee, Kunlun Pass Management Committee.

Assists in the management of Urban Management Committee and Urban Planning  Committee.

Contacts the people’s governments of various urban districts, etc.

Curriculum vitae:

Mr. Li Jianwen, Han Nationality, born in Beiliu, Guangxi in February, 1966.  Began work in July 1986, politically unaffiliated. Graduated from graduate class  of Guangxi Party School, majoring in political economy. On-the-job graduate  degree, Bachelor of Engineering, senior engineer. Presently Deputy Mayor of  Nanning City.

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