Deputy Mayor of Nanning Zhu Huidong


Deputy Mayor of Nanning

Zhu Huidong

Main Duties:

Zhu Huidong is responsible for affairs relating to industry, science and technology, environmental protection, transportation, production safety, investment promotion, development zones, comprehensive bonded zones, and Nanning • Zhongguancun Innovation Base and so forth.

He is mainly in charge of governmental organs, including Nanning Municipal Industry and Information Committee (Sugar Industry Development Bureau), Science and Technology Bureau (Intellectual Property Bureau), Environmental Protection Bureau, Transport Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau, The Second Light Industry Association, High-tech Zone Management Committee, National Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area Management Committee, Guangxi ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone (Overseas Chinese Investment Zone) Management Committee. He is also responsible for coordinating the economic development of industries relating to coal, electricity, transportation, and postal services.

He assists his counterparts in departments, like Environmental Protection Committee and Safety Production Committee.

Zhu Huidong also supports and coordinates the work of other bureaus including Nanning Railway Administration, Power Supply Bureau, Maritime Safety Administration, Post Office, Tobacco Monopoly Administration, and the Guangxi Tobacco Company, communication departments and civil aviation and so forth.


Zhu Huidong was born in October 1970 in Xiping, Henan Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in June 1989, and began to work in July 1993. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He is the deputy mayor of Nanning currently.

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