Deputy Mayor of Nanning City Deng Yaping


Deputy Mayor of Nanning City

Deng Yaping

Main Duties:

Responsible for the work on education, culture, health and family planning.

In charge of Nanning Municipal Education Bureau; Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television; Health and Family Planning Commission, Coordination Office for Large Events, Government Information Office, Municipal Chronicles Office, Academy of Social Sciences, Archives Administration, Secrecy Bureau, Nanning College for Vocational Technology, and works relevant to women and children.

Assist in the management of Municipal Patriotic Sanitation Campaign Committee. Take charge of and coordinate the work of Red Cross.

Contact Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Women's Federation, Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Federation of Social Sciences Circles, Working Committee for Women and Children, Nanning Daily, and other news organizations in Nanning.


Deng Yaping, male, Han nationality, was born in November 1964 and is from Qiyang, Hunan Province; joined the Communist Party of China in April 1984. He began his first job in July 1985. He majored in journalism in Chinese Language and Literature Department of Guangxi University, and holds a bachelor degree in journalism. Senior reporter, current member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor of Nanning.

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