Incumbent Deputy General Secretary: Tian Jiaquan



Assist the Deputy Mayor of Nanning in the managements on Nanning Safety Production Committee, Nanning Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, Nanning Second Light Collective Industry Association, the Administrative Committee of High-tech Industry Development Zone, the Administrative Committee of Guangxi-ASEAN Economic Technology Development Zone (Overseas Chinese Investment Area), Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone and etc.

Assist the Deputy Mayor of Nanning in the coordination on such economic operations as coal and oil transportations, telecommunications, postal services and etc.

Assist the Deputy Mayor of Nanning in the communications and coordination with Nanning Railway Bureau, Nanning Electricity Supply Bureau, Nanning Maritime Affairs Bureau, Nanning Post Bureau, Nanning Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, Guangxi Tobacco Industry Company Limited, various telecommunication units, civil aviation and etc.


Male, born in the June of 1962 and from Zaozhuang of Shandong Province, Han Nationality, became a CCP member in the July of 1986, began to work in the October of 1981, majored in the politics and law of the Correspondence College of Central Party School with the bachelor degree.

Deputy General Secretary of Nanning Tian Jiaquan

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