Incumbent Secretary-General


Huang Zongcheng

Secretary-General of Nanning Municipal People’s Government, director of the Nanning Government Services Management Office as well as the director of Public Resource Trading Supervision and Administration Commission Office(part time).

Main Duties:

Assist the mayor and the executive vice-mayor to handle the daily work of Nanning Municipal People’s Government and assist the mayor in managing and coordinating the work of Nanning National Defense Mobilization Committee, Set-up Committee, Supervision Bureau, Bureau of Finance, Auditing Bureau and others.

He also presides over the overall work of General Office of Nanning Municipal People’s Government.


Male, Han nationality, born in Bobai County of Guangxi in March, 1966, Huang Zongcheng started work in July, 1988 and joined the CPC in May of 2000. He graduated from Zhongshan University in mathematics major of Mathematics Department and received a Bachelor of Science degree. He received his graduate degree on western economics major in Economics School at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and got certified as an economist.

Nanning Secretary-General: Huang Zongcheng

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