2015 Secretary General of City


Secretary General: Liu Zhilie


Act as Secretary General of Nanning People’s Government and director of Municipal Administration Management and Service Office.


Assist the mayor and the executive deputy mayor in handling the routine work of the municipal people’s government.
Take charge of the operation and collaboration of the governmental departments.
Assist the mayor and the executive deputy mayor in taking charge of Nanning National Defense Mobilization Commission, Nanning Commission for Public Sector Reform, Bureau of Supervision, Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Auditing.
Take charge of the overall work of the General Office of the Municipal People’s Government.
Contact General Office of Nanning CPC Committee, General Office of Nanning People ‘s Congress Standing Committee and General Office of Nanning CPPCC.


Li Zhilie, male and Zhuang nationality, was born in October, 1965 in Liujiang, Guangxi. He started work in July, 1987 and joined CPC in December, 1995. Majoring in Financial Taxes, he obtained a BA in Central China University of Finance, Politics and Law. He is an accountant.


Assistant nayor: Zhang Junchi





Assist Vice Mayor in taking charge of work like industry, development zones and “Smart City”. Be entrusted by Mayor to handle matters relevant to the People’s Government.


Male, Han nationality, born in September, 1972 in Guangyun, Jiangsu Province. becoming the member of CPC in June,1994 and starting work in July,1995, bachelor of economic management of and on-the-job master of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.



Deputy Secretaries General


Huang Dingjian  Meng Wenhu  Huang Zhanbang (Concurrent)  Tian Jiaquan   Li Lin  Liang Zhiming (Concurrent)  Huang Xiaolin (Concurrent)  Cai Zhizhong  Zhang Pei  Liu Zongyi

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