Incumbent Deputy Mayor - Zhang Wenjun


Main Duties:

In charge of executive work of Nanning Municipal People's Government; assist the mayor to be in charge of finance and auditing; in charge of development and reform, land resources, urban planning and construction management, etc.

In charge of departments such as General Office of Nanning Municipal People's Government, Development and Reform Commission (Price Bureau, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone – ASEAN Opening up and Cooperation Office, Digitization Office, Food Bureau), Finance Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau (Bureau of Surveying and Mapping), Urban and Rural Construction Committee and Housing Fund Management Center, etc.

Assist to be in charge of Nanning Urban Management Committee, Urban Planning Committee and Land Reserve Management Committee.

Contact and coordinate the work of Municipal Internal Revenue Service and Local Tax Bureau, etc.


Male, Han Nationality, native of Xiangning, Shanxi Province, born in February 1967. Joined the Communist Party of China in March 1992 and started to work in July 1987. Graduated as a postgraduate of Inorganic Chemistry in Department of Chemistry of Lanzhou University with a degree of Master of Science. Obtained a professional title of engineer. Current Member of the Standing Committee of Nanning Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor of Nanning.

Deputy Mayor of Nanning Zhang Wenjun

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