Thailand’s main city - Phuket


Located in the south of Thailand, Phuket, known as “Pearl of the Andaman Sea”, is the largest island and one of the most important tourist destinations of the nation. It covers an area of 543.3 square kilometers, and is 876 kilometers away from Bangkok. It has an international airport where flying to domestic cities (Bangkok and other cities) or flying abroad (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc) is available. Moreover, with long coastline, Phuket boosts prosperous fishing industry, which makes its seafood obtainable home and abroad. The island is also rich in tin and tungsten ore, and has the largest tin smelter in Thailand. In addition, there are industrial projects such as smoked sheet rubber factories, fishmeal processing plants, and canneries. Its main crops are rubber, coconut, durian, and so on.

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