Several Provisions on Implementing the Social Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China(Excerpts)


Chapter II Basic Medical Insurance

Article 7 The number of years for payment of retirees covered by basic medical insurance, as prescribed in Article 27 of the Social Insurance Law, shall be determined according to relevant local provisions.

In case of the transfer and continuation of the basic medical insurance relationship of an individual covered by basic medical insurance, the number of years for paying the basic medical insurance premiums shall be calculated cumulatively.

Article 8 Medical expenses incurred by an individual covered by the basic medical insurance at a medical institution with which a service agreement has been concluded, shall be paid with the basic medical insurance funds pursuant to the state provisions, as long as they conform to the drug catalogue, diagnosis and treatment items and medical care service facilities standards for the basic medical insurance.

Where an individual covered by basic medical insurance really needs emergency treatment or rescue, he/she can be hospitalized at a medical institution which a service agreement has not been concluded; the scope of drugs necessary for rescue can be enlarged properly. The specific measures for medical services for the emergency treatment or rescue of individuals covered by basic medical insurance shall be formulated by the areas subject to overall planning in light of the local actualities.

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