Bureau of Labour and Social Security


Nanning Bureau of Labor and Social Security was set up during the organization reform in December of 2001 on the basis of Nanning Bureau of Labor established in May, 1950. It now has 11 administrative sections and 12 institutions. Under the leadership of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Municipal Government and with the hard work of several generations and the support from all walks of life, leaders and workers of the Bureau has adapted themselves to changes, worked tirelessly and achieved a great deal in the cause of labor and social security. The Bureau won the award of advanced unit by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the award of advanced Party branch at the grass-root level and the award of advanced unit of re-employment in Guangxi. All this has promoted the positive image of the government. In this new era, the Bureau will endeavor to work even harder and make a greater contribution to the development of Nanning.


Add: Labor Security Building, Nan’erli, Guichun Road, Nanning

P.C. 530028

Tel: 0771-5505398; 0771-5505399; 0771-5505391





Sections of the Bureau 


1. Administrative OfficeTel: 0771-5505399


Functions: Assisting the leaders of the bureau in organizing and coordinating routine work in the bureau agencies; organizing the drafting of work plan and being responsible for supervising and checking the implementation of the work plan; supervising carrying out of documents signed with comments by leaders and decided at meetings; carrying out treatment of official documentaries, proposals of NPC and draft resolutions of CPPCC, as well as secretarial work, confidentiality, security, document printing, archives, organization of meetings, liaison and reception work; handling visits and letters from the mass; being responsible for the work of management of population and family planning, comprehensive management of social security; managing financial affairs of the bureau agencies and state-owned capital of the bureau; being in charge of the drafting of annual work summary and related comprehensive reports, management of the computer center, development and management of the information network; collecting and providing governance information of labor and social security.




2. Policy and Regulation OfficeTel: 0771-5505392


Functions: Responsible for drafting lawmaking program and plan for legislation of municipal labor and social security and the local labor and social security laws and regulations, normative documents; supervising, examining and coordinating the work of administrative enforcement of laws of labor and social security departments within the city; mobilizing, directing and carrying out the work concerned with hearings against related administrative penalty, administrative reconsideration, and administrative lawsuits; investigating the administrative enforcement of laws; handling the legal affairs of the bureau; examining and verifying the major decisions made by the units directly under the bureau; formulating management rules for consultancy service agencies of labor and social security policy and regulations; taking charge of the research , publicity and education work of labor and social security policy and regulations; drafting the medium and long-term development program and annual work plan for labor and social insurance affairs, drawing up the macro-regulating plans and regulating policies and measures for development, utilization and allocation of labor force resources, rate of employment and unemployment, development of vocational skills and so on; participating in drafting important documents of the bureau; guiding arbitration on labor disputes.




3. Labor and Social Security Supervision SectionTel: 0771-5505386


Functions: Planning and promoting the development of labor and social security supervision system within the city; directing the professional work of labor and social security organizations on the level of county and district; responsible for managing and signing labor contracts; supervising and inspecting employers, employees, job agencies and training agencies in accordance with labor laws, regulations, and specifications; investigating and redressing illegal activities and making administrative punishment and administrative decisions; participating in investigating and punishing the emergencies caused by labor and social security disputes and serious cases violating laws; directing and supervising the professional work of labor supervision agencies.




4. Training and Employment SectionTel: 0771-5505389


Functions: Drafting and mobilizing the implementation of programs to develop and basic policies and measures to promote employment in urban and rural areas, vocational skills training, labor force market, and employment service enterprises; responsible for training and recommending jobs for laid-off employees or unemployed people; supervising the provision of basic living allowances for laid-off employees and their reemployment opportunities, taking charge of the work of management of temporary workers, employment from other places, policy placement, and recording employment from rural areas and enterprises’ labor recruitment, managing the employment of local citizens abroad; examining and verifying programs of labor cooperation abroad and dispatching employees abroad; managing the employment of foreigners in Nanning; taking charge of the establishment and closure of non-governmental vocational training organizations, the verification of enrollment commercials, the examination, verification and management of vocational skills assessment organizations and job agencies; managing and supervising the development of vocational skills and the assessment of the training for them; taking charge of the appraisal work of technical qualification certificates and certificate-issuing work; implementing labor preparation system; being responsible for the examination and verification of enrollment work of technical schools, teacher training and textbook compilation in vocational skills training organizations; directing and supervising the work of job recommendation, employment management, and the professional work of managing agencies of vocational training and skills assessment and municipal technical schools.




5. Statistics and Wage Section 

Tel: 0771-5505385

Functions: Taking charge of statistical and information work, publicizing statistical bulletins, information analysis and predicting development trends; guiding enterprises to follow the standard of manpower authorization and labor quota; promoting negotiation system for determining employee wages; directing enterprises to reform their employment system and payment distribution system; designing policies to specify guidelines of wages for enterprises and labor market wage guidance; drafting income distribution measures for operators of state-owned enterprises and managing the verification work of wage base of enterprises; examining and verifying total wages of state-owned enterprises directly under the municipal government; responsible for the work concerning allowances and subsidies, work hours, days off, and leaves.


6. Senior Citizens Insurance SectionTel: 0771-5505390


Functions: Mobilizing the implementation of basic policies regarding pension insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance; drafting renovation plans and development programs regarding the said insurance; taking charge of the renovation and implementation of the municipal pension insurance system; drawing normative documents for tolling, managing and operating of premiums of pension, work injury and maternity insurances; mobilizing the assessment of classification of work injuries, occupational and non-occupational injuries and disease disability, and working abilities; responsible for examining and approval of repayment policies and allowances to pay to families of non-occupational deaths and to injured insurants at work and disability insurants other than those in line of duty; designing and mobilizing the implementation of development programs for social management service industry of pension insurance; and designing retirement policies and relevant repayment policies to corporate retirees and veteran cadre retirees; temporarily also taking charge of the work of pension insurance in rural areas; directing and supervising the professional work of social insurance agencies.




7. Unemployment Insurance SectionTel: 0771-5505382


Functions: Implementing basic policies on unemployment insurance; drafting reform plans and development programs regarding unemployment insurance; drafting policies for managing unemployment insurance funds; designing payment requirements, allowances, and procedures; responsible for examining and approval of allowances to pay to unemployed persons suffered from disease, in pregnancy or dead; participating in providing unemployed persons with training, employment instruction, and labor exchange services; directing and supervising professional work of unemployment insurance agencies.




8. Medical Insurance SectionTel: 0771-5854059,5505381


Functions: Drafting and mobilizing the implementation of basic policies of medical insurance for urban employees in Nanning, complementary medical insurance policies, reform plans and development programs; responsible for the work of authorizing designated medical organizations and drug stores as well as the work of annual examination and verification on them; directing municipal medical insurance industry; taking charge of the investigation, study and revision of policies of medical insurance; in charge of the management of the municipal computer system on medical insurance; directing and supervising professional work of medical insurance agencies.




9. Social Insurance Fund Supervision SectionTel: 0771-5505383


Functions: Supervising the execution of social insurance fund budget to ensure the safety of the funds and exclusive use of the funds for specified purposes only; drafting and mobilizing the implementation of the supervision system for social insurance funds; designing the standard of qualification specification for operating agencies of social insurance funds and complementing that for insurance undertaking agencies and authorizing such agencies; checking and supervising the premium payment from the insured units; drawing up internal auditing rules for social insurance programs and qualification cognizance system for internal auditors and issuing auditing certificates; auditing the funds of the Bureau; establishing and managing a system of reports of offenses and taking up complaints and reports; investigating and giving punishment to behaviors breaching applicable disciplines and laws in fund management.


10. Party Committee Office (Personnel and Education Section)Tel: 0771-5505266


Functions: Responsible for the routine work of the Bureau’s Party Committee; examining and deciding on the size of the bureau agencies and handling the labor wage, personnel management, training and education, political examination for those going abroad and application for professional titles, and directing the units directly under the Bureau to deal with the above-mentioned work; taking charge of the management and service work for retirees and veteran cadre retirees of the bureau agencies and units directly under the Bureau; in charge of the work concerning intellectuals, women, co-construction of the army, police and people, united front, trade union, and the Bureau Committee of the Communist Youth League.




11. Discipline Inspection & Supervision OfficeTel: 0771-5505391


Functions: Responsible for the discipline inspection and supervision work of the bureau agencies and units directly under the Bureau.


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