To act self-consciously with firm ideal and faith


Recently, Wang Xiaodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi  Committee and Secretary of CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, gave a profound and  vivid Party lecture to the staff, the students from cadre training class and the  representatives of the adolescent class, which drew enthusiastic responses. By  all accounts, Party class possessed distinct theme, rich content, specific  requirements with in-depth analysis of the current new situation and new task  faced in the development of Nanning. It vividly illustrated the important  instructions of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on doing the work of Party  school well under the new situation, which had the very strong thought and the  instruction to inspire everyone.

At the same time, the Party class also put forward specific requirements for  Party members and cadres, boosted the development confidence of them, and  strengthened political awareness, overall awareness, responsibility awareness  and service awareness to become the mobilization order for the capital Party  members and cadres in new era to write a new chapter of Nanning’s  development.

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