Adhere to principle of “Taking ‘Party’ as Surname of Party School”, promote strict management



Wang Xiaodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee  and Secretary of CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, went to the Party School to  investigate and guide the construction of the Party School and the education and  training of cadres recently, and gave lessons to the students in main part  classes. In the lessons, he emphasized the implementation of President Xi’s  important instructions of the Party School under the new situation. We need to  implement the spirits of “Opinions of the Central Committee of CPC on  Strengthening and Improving the Work of the Party School in the New Situation”  and the relevant documents of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, adhere to the  principle of the “Taking ‘Party’ as the Surname of Party School” and promote  strict management, take the 60th anniversary of the school as a new starting  point, and continuously improve the scientific research level, thus cultivating  more outstanding cadres for a high-quality economic and social development in  the region.

During the investigation, Wang Xiaodong visited the school’s history museum  to watch the feature film of 60th anniversary, and talked to the staffs, the  students from cadre training class and the representatives of the adolescent  class face-to-face, and provided them with a vivid Party class. At the same  time, Wang Xiaodong thoroughly analyzed the new situation and new tasks that  Nanning is faced with during the development, and put forward requirements for  strengthening and improving the work of Party school under the new situation and  improving the competence of the cadres.

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