China-ASEAN Dragon Boat Tournament to be held in Yongjiang River


It was learned from Nanning Municipal Sports Bureau that the dragon boat tournament which was held in Nanhu Lake for years would be held in Yongjiang River. According to the information, The 14th China-ASEAN (Nanning) International Dragon Boat Invitation Tournament (hereinafter referred to as China-ASEAN Dragon Boat Tournament) will be held during the Dragon Boat Festival, and the tournament held in Yongjiang River will bring strong festive air to citizens.

Hosted by Nanning Municipal Sports Bureau and Nanning Municipal Sports Federation, China-ASEAN Dragon Boat Tournament has been held for 13 years. Beautiful scenery of Nanhu Lake and surrounding areas has made participants from all over the world learn about the charm of “Green City”. The tournament has received many praises and its influence is being expanded every year. In order to promote national traditional culture, expand urban influence and enhance the taste of the city, it is decided that the China-ASEAN Dragon Boat Tournament this year will be held in the waters in Yongjiang River nearby Confucian Temple on June 16. Currently, the work of signing up for the event and inviting teams is underway.

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