Final of Nanning 14th “Nongxin Cup” Basketball Golden League kicks off


The final of 2017 Nanning 14th “Nongxin Cup” Basketball Golden League kicked off on the evening of December 17th. What left the audience a deep impression were not only the spirit and performance of the winner-Guangxi Daqin Group Team but also the atmosphere of the contest. The basketball teams played professionally in this amateur contest.

Every year, each team participating in the Nanning Basketball Golden League puts investment in hiring foreign players who have made this contest more attractive. On that evening, there were two contests held in Guangxi Stadium. The first contest was held between two female teams and the final winner was International Cultural Communication Team. It was followed by the final contest of Group A between Guangxi Daqin Group Team and Longshanghui Basketball Club Team with high-level foreign players in each team, which attracted lots of basketball fans.

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