Nanning holds activity of “Community Martial Arts”


On Dec. 17, the 2017 Nanning “Community Martial Arts” activity was held at Xinjin Community where the present martial arts enthusiasts showed their Chinese kung fu on the stage. The activity attracted many passers-by to stop to feel the charm of martial arts.

This activity was hosted by Nanning Sports Bureau and Nanning Sports Federation, and was organized by Nanning Social Sports Development Center and Nanning Weizhen Martial Arts Club. The activity was respectively held at Jiangnan District, Qingxiu District and Xingning District. Over 60 teams of nearly one thousand martial arts enthusiasts from every district, community, school, and institution, along with individual participators, took part in the activity.

“Martial art is a great nationwide body-building program and is warmly welcomed by the citizens of Nanning. The activity of ‘Community Martial Arts’ has received active responses from martial arts enthusiasts and the citizens. People cooperatively create harmonious neighborhoods through martial arts sports, which pushes the nationwide body-building to a climax,” said Chao Wenzheng, chief referee of the competition.

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