Nanning citizens welcome New Year through mountaineering


It was learned from Nanning Li Ning Sports Park that a public new year’s mountaineering, under the theme of “Seek Fitness Through Mountaineering, Realize Dreams Through Overlooking”, will be held at the center square of Li Ning Sports Park on 2018 New Year’s Day. The organizing committee has now begun to accept application.

This activity is hosted by Guangxi Sports Bureau, aiming to guide the public to participate in sport fitness activities and to create a joyful new year’s atmosphere. Then, the participators will depart from the center square of Li Ning Sports Park, heading towards the nearby meteorological tower of Nanning Meteorological Bureau, and will get back to Li Ning Sports Park after reaching the peak. Back at the finishing point, the citizens can take part in free interactive games at the center square, such as playing table tennis, throwing embroidered balls, kicking shuttlecocks, playing darts, etc.

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