Quiescent and Dynamic Exercises Are Both Wonderful


The Chinese Chess Game and the Table Tennis Competition of the 8th Sports and Fitness Meeting for the Elderly, jointly organized by Nanning Sports Service Center for the Elderly and Nanning Sports Association for the Elderly, were held in Senior Citizen Center on June 13. In spite of the stark contrast between dynamics and statics, the table tennis competition with loud shouts in support and the quiet Chinese chess game were similarly intense and wonderful.

The Nanning Sports and Fitness Meeting for the Elderly is held every four years. The Chinese chess competitors this year consisted of two groups, namely, participants from counties and the open group. There were 60 master-hands to compete for the championship. Table tennis competitors also consisted of two groups as the Chinese chess game, and they were classified into two events, i.e. men's singles and women's singles. 161 players joined the table tennis competition.

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