Municipal authorities: 1,000 people participate in “National Unity” Games


The 2018 “National Unity” Fitness Games of Nanning Municipal Authority was held in Li-ning Sports Park on April 14th. More than 1,000 employees from 66 units joined and experienced fun sports and traditional ethnic sports at the Games.

The Games was sponsored by the Working Committee for Departments under the CPC Nanning and Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission of Nanning. It was an event of Zhuang Nationality “San Yue San” Festival. The Games was divided into preliminaries and finals. The preliminaries included Bamboo Baseball, Delivering Melons with Pole, Precision Shooting, Intelligence Puzzles, and the Tortoise-and-hare Race. The finals included Obstacles Board Shoes and Silk Ball Throwing. The Games focused on team spirit, cooperation and competition. During the competition, each team united as one and enjoyed the pleasure of sports in the laughter.

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