Nancheng Department Store


Nancheng Department Store is a large chain retail enterprise set up by Mr. Zhong Yongli.

Currently, there have been more than 30 branches in Guangxi. Nancheng Department Store Company and its holding subsidiaries, which are established in Guangxi’s large and medium-sized cities and based on the development model of double states and cross regions, provide customers with commodity retailing services with an unified brand, through which Nancheng Department Store has developed itself into a leading enterprise in the chain retailing industry in Guangxi.

Nancheng Department Store widely absorbs outstanding achievements and experience on the commercial retailing industry, learns with an open mind from those excellent enterprises both at home and abroad, has active developments and creations in terms of information, settlement, marketing strategy, commodity management and service system framework, and develops its own advantages and characteristics by pursuing for excellence. Currently, Nancheng Department Store has owned advanced MIS and POS sales management system and successfully established the chain commercial network.

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