Xingning District of Nanning holds cultural tourism shopping festival


Recently, the Xingning Cultural Tourism Shopping Festival themed on "Century-old Trading Port and Beautiful Scenery across Xingning District" was held in Golden Bridge Square. It fully demonstrated the beautiful rural landscape, development achievements in tourism culture and experience in tourism poverty alleviation, and fired up the passion of citizens to go out for travel. A lot of tourists enjoyed special delicacies and high-quality tourism products and services.

During this festival, various exhibitions were held in Gentle Hot Spring, Undersea World, Country World and other scenic spots in Xingning District. Meanwhile, the activity of "Plants, Health and Ecology Serial Research through Tourism" was also carried out in Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden.

On that day, folk songs and dance performances were staged and interactive questions & answers of scenic spots were conducted, showing the unique charm of rural tourism in Xingning District. On the site, there were also special tourist goods and poverty-alleviation targeted agricultural products exhibition & distribution zones. Moshang-brand fragrant lotus tea, longevity fig and other poverty-alleviation targeted agricultural products were favored by the tourists.

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