Creative products reveal new highlights of jasmine industry in Hengxian County


Recently, the 2018 Jasmine, Jasmine Tea and Jasmine Products Fair was held in Hengxian County Jasmine Culture Park. The fair is divided into Jasmine and Jasmine Tea Exhibition Area, Famous and Special Products Exhibition Area and Industrial Products Exhibition Area with 276 exhibition booths. Among them, the Jasmine and Jasmine Tea Exhibition Area mainly exhibits and sells the production and processing products and trade enterprise products of Hengxian Jasmine and Jasmine Tea.

Except traditional Jasmine Tea, agricultural and sideline products and other famous and excellent products in Hengxian County, there are many other creative jasmine products, such as Jasmine cake, Jasmine moon cake, Jasmine mask, Jasmine dew, Jasmine scent, Jasmine sachet, Jasmine pillow, Jasmine lip balm, and Jasmine hand cream. These products are of great popularity.

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