Shanglin Broken Black Tea


The tea planting in Shanglin County has a long history. The tea garden is mostly in the mountains and hills of the Daming Mountains with the perennial clouds and fog, and the tea buds are thick. At present, the whole county’s tea planting area has reached over 200 hectares and the annual output of tea is nearly 400 tons. The Daming tea in water is bright, fresh, mellow and fragrance, which enjoys a widespread reputation. The shape of red broken tea is grainy with dark color, and its liquor is in red color with strong taste.

The superfine Yinhao Tea from Daming Mountain examined by the National Ministry of Agriculture’s Tea Quality Supervising and Testing Center, meets the NY5071-2001 standard requirement of pollution-free food, which is awarded the grand prize, first prize, second prize at national and autonomous region level for many times. The annual output of Daming Mountain tea is 200 tons, and the tea planting area is up to 186.67 hectares including 100 hectares of state validated improved variety.

Broken black tea contains a variety of anti-cancer and anti-aging trace elements, which helps to keep skin smooth and white, reduce wrinkles, resist oxidation, improve immunity and prevent tumors. It also has the function of refreshing, invigorating, enhancing immunity and relieving fatigue.

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