Nanning Zhuang Brocade



The most famous art work of Nanning is Zhuang brocade, which is characterized by strong ethnic style. With a long history dated from the Tang or Song Dynasty, Zhuang brocade reached its pinnacle during the Ming and Qing Dynasty.


Zhuang brocade is woven by using cotton-yarn as warp and colored-thread as weft. It is noted for bright colors, special patterns, and abrasion resistance. The traditional patterns of Zhuang brocade include swastika pattern, water ripples, Yun-lei (cloud & thunder) veins, and chrysanthemum pattern, etc. Over 20 designs are frequently used in Zhuang brocade, such as butterflies and flowers, two dragons frolicking with a pearl, and a lion rolling with a colorful ball, etc. Zhuang brocade can be widely used for blanket, quilt, apron, belt, girdle, handbag, scarf, and ornament of clothes, etc.


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