Opinions of State Council on Comprehensively Deepening Reform of Building Teacher Groups for the New Era (Excerpt)


Deepen the reform of teachers’ personnel system in institutions of higher learning. Actively explore the implementation of management on staffs. Strictly check the entrance gate for teachers in institutions of higher learning, and implement dual inspections of ideological and political quality and business capability. Tighten vocational accession for teachers, and take pre-service training and education internship of the new inducted teachers as the necessary conditions to affirm the ability of education and teaching and to acquire the teacher’s qualification for an institution of higher learning. Adapt to the needs of personnel training structural adjustment, optimize the structure of college teachers, and encourage institutions of higher learning to increase the hiring of teachers with experience of teaching and working in other schools and business enterprises. Cooperate with the reform of the permanent residence system for foreign nationals, and perfect the systems of foreign teacher qualification certification and service management. Help young teachers in institutions of higher learning solve difficulties including housing problems.

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