Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card


It is learned that the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China has issued Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card (2017 ver.) to those foreigners who have obtained the permanent residence qualification in China, and stopped issuing the Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card since June 16, 2017. The past Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card was changed into Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card by adding an extra word “Identity” for its name.

Compared with the former “Permanent Residence Card”, the new “Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card” has two characteristics:

First, referring to the technical standards of China Second-generation ID Cards, the ID cards are implanted with the integrated circuit chip, through which the ID card identifying machine can identify and load the information;

Second, it makes it clear that these cards can be treated as the ID cards which permit the foreigners to live and stay in China permanently. It can also be used as the ID cards in transacting the matters like ensuring insurances of finance, education, medical treatments, transportation, accommodation, telecommunications, jobs, revenue and social insurance, property registration, lawsuits as well other matters.

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