Permission for Getting Chinese Citizenship

Permission for Getting Chinese Citizenship<DIV>

<P><B> Item No </B> </P> <P>A008-056</P>
<P><B> Item </B></P> <P>Examination and Verification for Getting Chinese Citizenship </P>
<P>   <B>Target</B></P> <P>Foreigners & persons without nationality </P>
<P><B> Content   </B></P> <P>Administrative permission </P>
<P><B> Legal foundation </B> </P> <P> Law of the Peopl e’s Re public of China on Nationality </P>
<P><B> Conditions </B> </P> <P>Those who renounce the current nationality and apply for Chinese citizenship </P>
<P><B> Materials submitted </B> </P> <P>Application for Chinese citizenship, passport, ID </P>
<P><B> Procedure </B> </P> <P>Acceptance-examination-approval-printing-issuance </P>
<P><B> Charge fee </B> </P> <P>Ministry of Public Security (GTZ[1996] No. 89)</P> <P>50 yuan per person for application, 200 yuan per certificate for Chinese citizenship, 200 yuan per certificate for resuming Chinese citizenship </P>
<P><B> Operative setup </B></P> <P>Division of Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security Bureau of Nanning </P>
<P><B> Address </B></P> <P>No. 4 West Erli of Xiuling Road </P>
<P><B> Contact </B></P> <P>0771—2891260 </P>
<P><B> Working time </B></P> <P>9:00 am to 4:30 pm for every working day </P>
<P><B> Duration </B></P> <P>To be confirmed </P>
<P><B> Operation </B> </P> <P>   Isolated </P>
<P><B> Target </B></P> <P>Foreigners and persons without nationality </P>
<P><B> Objective </B></P> <P>Exit-Entry Administration </P>
<P><B> Remarks </B></P> <P> </P>
<P><B> Download </B></P> <P>  </P>
<P><B> Application on line </B></P> <P>Website:</P>

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