First Guangxi Polar Ocean World: RongSheng Tianhe — Haiyue City


RongSheng Tianhe — Haiyue City that is to be opened in April this year is the first polar ocean world in Guangxi. At that time, Nanning citizens can enjoy 3,000 kinds of polar marine animals, such as dolphins, penguins and seals in the city.

According to reports, the polar ocean world is jointly built by RongSheng Group and Haichang Group. The polar ocean world covers a total area of 28 thousand square meters with 4 floors. The first underground floor is the fish exhibition hall and the other 3 floors on the ground are the polar marine animals’ exhibition and performance hall.

It has 24 characteristic exhibition areas and it is also the first ocean experience park in Southwest China with more than 6 theme venues. Thousands of marine creatures are shown here, and it has the only indoor animal performance hall in Guangxi. The main items include rare whale sharks show, marine animal show, polar animal zero-distance touch, marine animal gathering and 360-degree sea wonders; it also includes experiencing items, such as ocean camping experience, interaction between human and fish, interactive multimedia ocean world with no water. Visitors can watch the world's largest fish, such as whale sharks and polar marine animal with almost zero distance.

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