“Stage of Green City” Mass Cultural Activities to be held


“Stage of the Green City” Mass Cultural Activities is one of the highlights of Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival. It is reported that the activities will take “Dream a Silk Road Dream, Sing a Local Song” as its theme this year and be held in Nanning Minge Lake and 12 counties or districts from September 13.

This year's performances will be staged in Nanning Minge Lake, six counties and six districts respectively, and different activities with different themes will be offered for three relative kinds of stages. The activities, by putting on rich programs and fabulous performances, and encouraging extensive participation of the masses, will show a vivid picture of the sea of songs, the gathering of Chinese and people of ASEAN nations, and fully demonstrate Nanning’s vigor and vitality for development in all respects and local people’s happiness and their sense of gain.

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