Nanning Promotes Around-Qingxiu Mountain City Leisure Quality Routes


According to the promotion conference of around-Qingxiu Mountain urban leisure quality routes on June 21st, Nanning, proactively integrating tourism resources, will promote city leisure quality routes like Qingxiu Mountain-Wanda Mall-ASEAN Culture Exposition Park route and so on, and tap new tourist market through creating the brand of Nanning tourism quality routes.

Through integrated packaging, five quality travel routes will be promoted, namely, around-Qingxiu Mountain city charm route, green city self-driving travel route, green road cycling tour route, hundred-li enjoyable Yongjiang River travel route (under construction), around-Qingxiu Mountain city leisure sight-seeing bus route. Nanning Municipal Commission of Tourism Development concentrates its efforts on developing the around-Qingxiu Mountain city leisure travel routes into quality travel routes in Guangxi (Nanning) and creating a new tourism brand of Guangxi (Nanning) by resource integration, combined development and targeted marketing.

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