Qingxiu District Procuratorate holds open day activity


Recently, Qingxiu District Procuratorate held procuratorial open day activity themed with “Prevent school bullying and protect teenager’s growing environment”.

The activity invited deputies to the district people’s congress, CPPCC members, people’s supervisors, leaders from Youth league Committee, education bureau, Committee of Concerning about the Younger Generation, Women’s Federation in Qingxiu District and Qingxiu Public Security Sub-Bureau, high school teachers and students.

Attendees firstly visited the important working areas like comprehensive procuratorial service center, procuratorial reception center, case handling area and detection instruction center, and learned on the spot procuratorate’s working process of case acceptance and hearing, complaint suing, bribery archives query, and public procuratorial affairs. For some representatives, it is their first time to go into procuratorate. They were very curious and impressed to touch procutatorate work personally, meanwhile they appreciated the publicity of procuratorial affairs of the procuratorate.

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