Thousands of Local Products Displayed on E-commerce Festival


Recently, 2017 Guangxi “Zhuang’s Double Third Day” E-commerce Festival of Nanning sub-venue has been officially launched.

The e-commerce festival of Nanning sub-venue has integrated online and offline sales. To be specific, in respect of online sales, a one-month special product promotion has been organized, involving nearly 50 e-commerce enterprises with over 1,000 products in Nanning City and counties. In respect of offline sales, the exhibition is held in Nanning Department Store–MMGO (Cultural Palace Store) and Nanning Cross-border Goods Direct Purchase Experience Center, with 30 local high-quality enterprises participating. On the exhibition site, nearly 5,000 kinds of high-quality products, including imported food from more than 30 countries all around the world, household appliances of 30 brands, and goods from nearly a thousand supermarket department stores as well as automotive supplies are displayed for sale.

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