Nanning City Wanjiafu Housing Maintenance Company


Nanning City Wanjiafu Housing Maintenance Center, established in 2006, is a formal service company registered by the industrial and commercial registration authority (registration number: 450103600231999) and reviewed and approved by Nanning City Domestic Service Industry Association.

With many years of accumulation of customers and technology experience, its housing maintenance, waterproof work and leakage repair, pipeline dredging and other services are constantly growing. And its pipeline dredging and cleaning departments have assigned full-time staff in Qingxiu District, Jiangnan District and Xingning District to provide fast and convenient service for property companies, residential areas, institution schools, hotels and restaurants, office buildings, etc.

The company, equipped with a wealth of practical experience and professional team, is specialized in waterproof work and leakage repair, and has become a leader in the industry.

Since its establishment, the company has served more than 600 enterprises and institutions.

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