Trial operation of first housing rental service supervision platform in Guangxi


Recently, the region's first housing rental service supervision platform - Nanning City housing rental service supervision platform was under on-line trial operation. The platform was developed by Nanning Housing Bureau, China Ping An Co., Ltd. and Ping An City Construction Technology (China) Co., Ltd. Various technologies were introduced to solve the problems of authenticity judgment and finding and renting houses. At the same time, the platform can optimize the lease contract signing process and housing rental record process. It has basically realized the online operation, making it easier, safer and more convenient for citizens to rent, find and lease their houses.

Citizens are supposed to register at first and their real estate information will be automatically read after the registration. During the trial operation, the platform can basically realize the functions of house source publishing, house source networking, house source checking, map finding and so on. The information released on the platform, both market and state-owned housing sources, are checked on the system. The categories and source code of checked housing resources will be displayed directly online. The housing information is clear and obvious, thus avoiding the possibility of publishing false rental source information. At the same time, the system can randomly configure the virtual telephone for the verified rental sources to avoid the leakage of landlord’s personal information and to prevent telephone harassment and information resale. Nanning housing rental service supervision platform:

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