Guangxi Severely Punishes Unqualified Construction Enterprises


Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guangxi released the Notification on the Second-time Rectification on the Qualification Reviews on the Construction Enterprises of Guangxi of 2016, and confirmed that it would severely punish those 81 unqualified construction enterprises by withdrawing their Qualification Grade III for General Contracting and their Qualification Grade II and Qualification Grade III of Specialized Contracting, whose originals and copies of the qualification certificates would be withdrawn by the competent departments of construction who have issued the certificates within 1 month from April 26.

The withdrawal of the qualifications is the most severe punishment for the construction enterprises, which means that the construction enterprises cannot conduct any production and operation activities, and if they want to restart production and operation activities, they have to apply for relevant qualifications from the lowest level.

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