Guangxi speeds up cultivation and development of housing rental markets


Recently, the General Office of the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued the Implementation Opinions on Speeding up the Cultivation and Development of Housing Rental Markets (hereinafter referred to as "the Implementation Opinions"). For the future, Guangxi will focus on the regulation establishment of housing with the combined function of leasing and purchasing, and will improve the housing rental system with priority to market allocations and with basic securities from the governments, to facilitate the continuous and healthy developments of the housing rental markets.

One of the highlights in the Implementation Opinions is that the idea of improving housing rental management policies has been put forward. To be more specific, during the duration of housing rental contracts, the lessors can’t terminate the contracts, increase rental fees or withhold rental deposits at will without justified reasons, and the lessees shall use the housings and relevant facilities in accordance with the rental contracts and pay rental fees on time.

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