Nanning Public Rental Housing Security Measures (Extract)


Chapter III Security Means and Qualification Management

Article 24 Migrant workers with housing difficulties who meet the following conditions can apply for the public rental housing:

(1) Live in the downtown areas of Nanning and accumulatively pay social insurances in Nanning for a year at least;

(2) Sign labor contract with Nanning’s employers with a term of over 1 year and within the validity period;

(3) The annual household income per capita is lower or equal to 1.5 times of the urban residents' per capita disposable income of last year of Nanning.

As the applications from single migrant workers, besides the aforementioned conditions, the applicants shall reach 23 years old.

Article 25 People can’t apply for public rental housing security if:

(1) They are enjoying any housing security;

(2) Their applications for other security housings have been accepted;

(3) They have any behavior of transferring housing ownership within three years starting from the application date, and the accumulative area of the transferred housing and the existing housing exceeds the stipulated area of housing difficulty standards;

(4) They gain the housings for commercial, warehousing and office purpose through self-construction, purchase or other means, or they transfer the aforementioned housings within 5 years starting from the application date;

(5) Their application qualifications have been restricted in accordance with relevant regulations on joint dishonesty punishments.

After the applications for public housing rental securities, if the applicants' family population, income or housing condition witness any changes, which result in their disqualification for the application conditions, or if they apply for other housing securities again and the applications are accepted, the applicants shall withdraw their applications for public rental housing securities.

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