Consumer complaints of decoration and building materials services stand first on list in first half of 2018


Recently, Nanning Industrial and Commercial Bureau unveiled list of consumer complaints from the 12315 Consumer Platform in the first half of the year, on top of which are decoration and building materials services. On that day, list of complaint information in the second quarter was also announced, involving more than 50 enterprises. The bureau will strengthen supervision to protect consumer rights and guide the operators to be honest and self-disciplined.

In the first half of this year, some chain decoration and home furnishing companies, such as Apple Decoration, were closed in succession. Branches of those brands in Nanning failed to fulfill their tasks, causing rights defending among customers due to disputes of money (several million yuan in total) used in house-decorating service and materials purchase. At present, 222 complaints of Guangxi Apple Decoration Design Co., Ltd. and its branches are made to the bureau.

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