Guangxi Guizhen Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.


Guangxi Guizhen Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd., established in July 1996, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, has the national Grade B qualification of special architectural decoration engineering design, Grade Ⅰqualification of decoration engineering construction, Grade Ⅱqualification of fire facilities engineering construction and Grade Ⅲ qualification of mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering construction. It has affiliated agencies including Building Decoration Design Institute and Nanning Branch, and it, together with Guizhen Investment, Tianzhitai Industrial and Guizhen Property belongs to Guizhen Group.

The company, with the corporate vision of “hundred-year history in decoration, model enterprise in China”, the staff code of conduct of “striving to do well in every detail”, the business idea of “integrity and hard work to maintain sustainable development”, and the service attitude of “genuine, sincere and honest”, always puts the interests of customers at the first place, and provides customers with all-round professional services.

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