Guangxi LVGUI Decorative Materials Co., Ltd


Guangxi LVGUI Decorative Materials Co., Ltd ("LVGUI" for short) , located in Nanning of Guangxi — a core city of ASEAN Economic Rim, is a large-scale company mainly focusing on the R&D, production and sales of high-tech, environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials for construction and decoration and providing professional energy-saving schemes for users.

Being the energy-saving data collection base and experimental base of Guangxi Institute of Building Research, LVGUI pays attention to the developments of advanced energy-saving technologies in the world at all times, and keeps close relationships with such institutes and universities as China Academy of Building Research, China Energy Conversation Association, Tsinghua University, China Testing Center for Building Materials, and focuses on the research and development of products with functions of high efficiency and energy saving.

LVGUI possesses perfect supporting systems for building coating products, including space heat-insulated and sun-proof coatings, internal and external wall coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, thermal insulation mortars, coatings with waterproof series, and coatings with putty series, which can fully meet the requirements on energy-saving coating and decoration coating for office buildings, hotels, residential buildings and factories.

LVGUI has regular and official construction qualifications and can provide tailor-made construction schemes and professional construction guidance for users.

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