Nanning No. 2 Maternal and Child Health Hospital


Nanning No. 2 Maternal and Child Health Hospital (former Nanning Jiangnan Maternal and Child Health Hospital) was founded in 1956. It is a health care institution subordinated to Nanning Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and a public institution fully-funded by the state. At present, it's working with Liangqing District People's Government to build Liangqing District People's Hospital. It's headquartered in No. 60 Hanlin Street, Yongning District, Nanning. And Liangqing District People's Hospital is situated at the core of Wuxiang New District that enjoys a well-developed transportation network.

Nanning No. 2 Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a national Grade II Level A women and children hospital. It has 280 staff including more than 200 medical technical personnel, 14 with senior-grade professional titles, over 60 with medium-grade professional titles and 120 nurses. It has over 100 hospital beds. It covers a total area of 8,600 square meters with 8,999 square meters of building area and 4,443 square meters of working area. It's equipped with 3 ambulances and a large amount of advanced equipment such as imported laparoscopy, newborns blue light therapeutic apparatuses, premature infants incubators. Offering multiple professional clinical subjects, it is the health care center for over 1 million women and children in the district.

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