Tender care of medical workers for patients


Lately, Nanning Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Nanning Second People's Hospital and Nanning Fifth People's Hospital carried out activities of Mid-Autumn Festival to extend care and love for the patients.

On that day, over 180 staff volunteers of Nanning Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and Nanning Second People's Hospital came to the hospital's 22 clinical departments, extending their regards and comforts to 1,200 inpatients. Meanwhile, Nanning Fifth People's Hospital also held a joint performance themed on "Sharing Joy with Medical Workers in the Mid-Autumn Festival, Seeking Harmony and Extending Regards". Doctors and patients sang and danced on the same stage. Patients and their families expressed their gratitude to the medical workers. Medical workers also brought mooncakes and fruits, conveying the blessings and care of the entire staff to every patient in the inpatient zones. The activity upheld the kindheartedness and voluntary spirits of "Caring for Life with Life and Warming the Heart with Heart", which represented the humane sentiments of caring and sincere service.

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