Summary table of healthcare organizations


First-level medical units

Jiangnan District Maternal and Child Healthcare Service Centre

Xingning District Wutang Central Hospital

Xingning District Sitang Town Central Hospital

Xingning District Santang Town Hospital

Xingning District Kuntang Town Hospital

Jiangnan District Jiangxi Central Hospital

Jiangnan District Suxu Central Hospital

Jiangnan District Nahong Hospital

Jiangnan District Shajing Hospital

Jiangnan District Wuxu Hospital

Jiangnan District Yanan Hospital

Jiangnan District Tingzi Hospital

Qingxiu District Nanyang Central Hospital

Qingxiu District Changtang Hospital

Qingxiu District Linli Hospital

Qingxiu District Liuxu Hospital

Qingxiu District Jintou Hospital

Xixiangtang District Jinling Central hospital

Xixiangtang District Tanluo Central hospital

Xixiangtang District Shuangding hospital

Xixiangtang District Shibu hospital

Xixiangtang District Fushu hospital

Xixiangtang hospital

Xixiangtang District Anji hospital

Yongning District Nalou Central Hospital

Yongning District Pumiao Hospital

Yongning District Xinjiang Town Hospital

Yongning District Zhenlong Hospital

Yongning District Baiji Hospital

Yongning District Zhonghe Hospital

Liangqing District Datang Central Hospital

Liangqing District Liangqing Town Hospital

Liangqing District Nama Town Hospital

Liangqing District Nachen Hospital

Liangqing District Nanxiao Hospital

Jinguang Hospital

Second-level medical units

Nanning Municipal Third People’s Hospital

Nanning Municipal Fifth People’s Hospital

Nanning Municipal Sixth People’s Hospital

Nanning Municipal Seventh People’s Hospital

Nanning Municipal Eighth People’s Hospital

Nanning Municipal Ninth People’s Hospital

Nanning Municipal Red Cross Hospital

Nanning Municipal TCM Hospital

Nanning Municipal Maternal and child healthcare Center

Yongning District People’s Hospital

Yongning District TCM Hospital

Second-level medical units

Nanning Municipal First People’s Hospital (Class 3, Grade A)

Nanning Municipal Second People’s Hospital (Class 3, Grade A)

Nanning Municipal Fourth People’s Hospital (Class 3, Grade B)

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