Fuxing Healthcare Center


Address: 4th Floor, Block B, Dongfang Guoji Shangwugang, 29-1 Jinghu South Road, Nanning (opposite to Shengzhan Hotel)

Tel: 0771-5515567, 0771-5516667

Entertainment Type: Fitness & Healthcare

Transport: Get off at Wuxiang Shopping Mall Bus Station of No. 6,16, 29,34,39,74,87,206, 213, 601 or 603, then walk 300 meters to Jinhu South Road. Or get off at Shengzhan Hotel by Bus No. 49 and walk 20 meters to the opposite direction.

Business Hours: 10: 30-23: 00



All the TCM therapists are medical school graduates. The center a sound system for sub-health treatment. The massage is mainly based on meridian and acupuncture, with good treatment effect on shoulder periarthritis, neck strain, lumbar muscle strain, arthritis, headache, cold, etc.  Cupping, scraping and moxa therapy are also provided.

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