Demand for talents in 19 industries rises year-on-year in Q1


The Talent Supply and Demand Analysis Report of Guangxi Talent Networking System in the First Quarter of 2018 showed that among the 24 major industry types, the demand for talents of 19 industry types in Guangxi increased in the first quarter, among which the demand for manufacturing talents increased significantly year-on-year, setting a new record high.

The report shows that in terms of industry distribution, there are seven industries with more than 10,000 talents in demand: information transmission/computer services and software, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, real estate, leasing and business services, construction, and finance. In the industry, the accumulated demand reached 201,043, accounting for 86.31% of the total. Among them, the demand for talents in the wholesale and retail industry reached 44,154, an increase of 155.43% over the same period of last year, becoming the type of industry with the largest increase in the demand for talents in this quarter. The traditional retail industry rebounded sharply after experiencing a two-year slump; at the same time, the demand for talents in the trade/import and export industry continued to grow at a breakthrough level. These two industries have become the major growth points for talent demand in the wholesale and retail industry.

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