Service Guide for Applying Guangxi Residence Certificate for Talents


Processing Conditions:

The domestic and international talents who work or start business in Nanning without changing the format of household register and work in the units within the administrative region of Nanning Province (except for Central units in Nanning and units directly under the autonomous region), and who have an education background of Bachelor degree and above and intermediate technical education or higher specialized technical credentials or other special skills in practice of personnel agency by Nanning Human Services Management Office.

The following materials should be provided when applying for the Residence Certificate:

(1) The Application Form for the Residence Certificate of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region filled by the applicant (in triplicate);

(2) The employment (labor) contract, or certificates issued by the enterprises and institutions, private non-enterprise units and social organizations having an legal personality in Guangxi and Unincorporated Branches established in Guangxi by foreign countries (districts) and nonlocal;

(3) Three Identification photos of the applicant, identity card or the Permit for Foreign Experts Working in China or the Employment Permit for the Foreigns in China or Employment Certificate for the Residents in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao; professional technical qualification certificate or practice qualification certificate or professional certificate; academic certificate; valid certificates or certificates of achievements like Skill Certification and patent certificate for those with special talents;

(4) The health certificate provided by Second Class or Above General Hospitals in Guangxi.

The employing unit shall provide its business license or certificate of registration when collectively processing the Residence Certificate for the introduced talents.

Those applicants who already started business in Guangxi shall provide the certificates related to investment or business performance.

The foreign applicants who have already entered shall provide legal entry permit.

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