The Administrative Examination and Approval Conditions of Entry Employment of Foreigners in China


The Regulations on Management of the Employment of Foreigners in China, co-promulgated by the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, on January 22th, 1996 regulated as follows:

(1) The requirements for the enterprise which a foreigner is hired

The posts which employers decide to fill with foreigners must be those that require special needs and which cannot be filled by domestic candidates for the time being. Moreover, no relevant state regulations shall be violated, i.e., there is no suitable candidates in the industry system and cannot be recruited in the job market.

(2) Foreigners seeking employment in China must meet the following requirements:

1. Having reached the age of 18 and being in good health.

2. Possessing the professional skills needed and corresponding working experience.

3. Free from criminal records.

4. Having specific employers.

5. Possessing a valid passport or other international travel certificate that can be substituted for a passport.

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