Upcoming Films (August 26 – September 1)


L Storm (2018)

Action / Drama / Mystery - released in China on August 24, 2018 - 2D

Director: Lin Delu

Country or Region: China | Hong Kong, China

Distribution Company: Pegasus Motion Pictures Limited

More titles: L Storm


Lu Zhilian (Louis Koo) of ICAC and Liu Baoqiang (Julian Cheung) of JFIU are investigating the cases of corruption and money laundering, but no clue is found. Cheng Deming (Kevin Cheng) of the L Group of ICAC receives the report of Eva (Stephy Tang) that Lu has accepted bribes of 12 million yuan. Then Lu is suspended from his duties immediately for not providing an explanation. Liu then finds Lu is framed and is related with the case of money laundering. The truth of the case then is gradually revealed…

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