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Isle of Dogs (2018)

Release date: April 20, 2018 in China

Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy

Language: English

Duration: 101 minutes

Director: Wes Anderson

Starring: Bryan Cranston / Edward Norton / Koyu Rankin / Liev Schreiber / Bill Murray

Country / Region: United States | Germany


The story happens in the near future 20 year later from now. Because of the "canine flu" raging, the government promulgates an administrative order to exile all the dogs. A garbage island far away from the city therefore becomes an "Isle of Dogs" where the survival of the dogs is depended. When everyone abandons these dogs, a 12-year-old boy breaks into the island to find his pet. The boy and five dogs experience all sorts of hardship and wonder on the island. Eventually, he uses his bare heart to impress the wild dog Chief. He is given the loyalty and help of the dogs and a warm, interesting and healing fairy tale stages.

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