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Annihilation (2018)

Release date: April 13, 2018 in China

Genre: Adventure / Drama / Fantasy

Language: English

Duration: 115 minutes

Director: Alex Garland

Starring: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez

Country/Region: United States | United Kingdom


The movie tells the story of a female biologist (starred by Natalie Portman) who has participated in a scientific study organized by the mysterious organization, Southern Reach, to investigate the disappearance of her husband. Five women team up to study the “Area X”, a quarantined and isolated area resulted from ecological disaster in the United States. They find that there is a primitive wilderness with hidden mysterious dark force. This is the 12th visit by the organization to the region, of which the previous 11 visits have failed and caused weird events: all the team members of the second visit have committed suicide, those of the third have taken shots and killed each other, and those of the 11th have lost their minds and died of cancer soon after return...

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