Upcoming Films (March 26 - April 1)


Ready Player One (2018)

Release date: March 30, 2018 in China

Genre: Action / Adventure / Science Fiction

Language: English

Duration: 140 minutes

Director: Steven Spielberg

Scriptwriter: Zak Penn - (screenplay by) and

Ernest Cline - (based on the novel by)

Country/Region: United States


In the year of 2045, the real world is in recession. People are indulged in seeking solace in the imaginary world of virtual reality game (OASIS). The founder of the “Oasis”, starred by Mark Rylance, announced before dying that he had left his money (thousands of millions dollars) to players who would find his hidden Easter egg. The largest treasure hunt in history is unfolded. The hero Wade Watts/Parzival starred by Tye Sheridan and billions of competitors embark on a wonderful and crisis-ridden journey.

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